The Lower Reaches

Scarce: Wood
Abundant: Metal

The lower altitudes of the Skies are hot and oppressive. The only inhabitable islands are dwarven darkhomes: hollow, barren islands containing dwarven cities. The most famous are Deepsky Citadel, the dwarven capital, and Mount Ore.

Below Deepsky is the Flaming Skies. The heat here is incredible; able to melt even dwarven metal-clad ships. No explorers venture lower than this—to do so spells certain death.

Temperatures in the Lower Reaches range from 120 degrees Fahrenheit upwards. The further a ship descends, the higher the temperature soars. See the Heat rules in the Savage Worlds rulebook but add a further –1 penalty if characters wear armor heavier than leather.


There isn’t a tree to be seen on the entire island, let alone a pine tree. The locals all seem to think the joke is pretty darn funny. As far as the Lower Reaches go, this is a pretty popular place. Compare this to some of the more populous islands and it could hardly be considered debris.

City of Pinecrest

Pinecrest is only big enough to have one city, and that is barely a town. It is home to 3000 dwarves and 200 or so humans. Almost all of them are miners or make their living off the miners. Because most of the island is made up of miners, it is also a transient population with many of them living in company barracks.

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The Lower Reaches

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