Fire Ship

January 26

Near Lowsmasher Island, in The Lower Reaches the Chance came upon a shipwreck carrying a small fortune in iron. The ship had been attacked and the entire crew slaughtered but none of the cargo was stolen.

Two days away from the wreck the Chance was attacked by a ship with sails that were on fire but did not burn. The crew of this ship were also appeared to be on fire. The Chance escaped after almost being bored.

Bal Lowsmasher thought it might be a good idea to report this incident to dwarven authorities in Deepsky Citidal.

February 9

Reli Mountainsmither, admiral of the dwarven fleet, admits that there are things in the Skies he has never seen. He also says that he cannot act without proof and has offered the crew a bounty regarding the fire ship:

  • 5,000 cogs if they can return with a ship that has been attacked by the fire ship.
  • 10,000 cogs if they can return with a fire ship.
  • 500 cogs for a body of the crew of the fire ship.
  • 100 cog per head after the initial proof.

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Fire Ship

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