Gowmadness Rule Modifiers

Exposure Modifier
Less than an hour +2
1-6 hours +1
7-12 hours +0
13-18 hours -1
19-22 hours -2
23-24 hours -4
25 hours -8

Recovering from Glowmadness

Glowmadness can no longer be recovered by remaining indoors for a week. Instead the only way to reduce a level of glowmadness is to make a Spirit roll that was rolled as a glowmadness check. For every success and raise on a Spirit roll the character’s glowmadness level drops one step.

Spirit rolls made to fend off glowmadness are subject to both Exposure Modifiers and any negative modifiers already effecting the character. Including negative modifiers for levels of glowmadness, fatigue and wounds.

Glowmadness Consequences

As a character descends into glowmadness they first begin to lose control of their emotions. First they begin to anger easily and eventually lose control of their emotions entirely.


The character has a short fuse and suffers a -1 to his Charisma and a -1 modifier to any Spirit checks and gains 1 die type to Strength and Vigor and derived statistics.


The character no longer has any fuse left. He suffers a -2 modifier to any Spirit, Smarts, or lined skill rolls. He also gains 2 die types to Strength and Vigor and derived statistics.


The character becomes a blood-crazed psychopath. He suffers -4 to his Charisma and a -4 modifier to any Spirit, Smarts, or linked skill rolls. He also loses any benefits he may have from Level Headed Edges. He temporarily gains the Berserk Edge. He gains 3 die types to Strength and Vigor up to d12+2 and derived statistics.


Once a PC fails their fourth glowmadness check they are going to turn into a monster. The only question left is, when? At the beginning of each game session the player rolls a d6. On a roll of a 1 their character will go glowmad at some moment during the session. This roll is a secret between the player and the GM. Other players should not know the results of the roll, nor may Benny be used to re-roll the die.

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