Shasta's Notebook

Contains Shasta's observations and personal notes


Rules for the Ship

1. Don’t set the ship on fire on purpose
2. If you are going to leave, tell someone where you are going. Unless they wouldn’t be interested, or you forget, or don’t want to
3. Sim does not get to run off by himself need a babysitter and can do whatever he wants.
4. Let the pretty one do the talking. This one is a really good idea. People are crabby.
5. Trophies must be displayed with care on the front of the ship
6. Do not leave the latrine full in the ship. It smells bad.


Blood Grubs are the most delicious disgusting food ever... and I will never eat them again.
Most races do not like to eat blood grubs. More for Drakin.
Humans are squishy.
Ale is delicious! It makes your head spinny. Then people rob you. Poop on them.
Elves are sluts.
Do not wake a drunken dwarf from stuporific sleep.
Consonance is fun. Your should write with more style, Shasta
Guards at the Deepsky Citadel are mean.
Cheaters never prosper. They get broken legs and die in a puddle of urine at the back of a bar when their companions leave them.
Don’t trust creatures that are on fire.
Keep an eye on Tomlin’s pirate tendencies.
Lizards are bitey
Soraka can heal rocks

Special Note Bold, italicized text and struck through items are additions by Sim from when he stole Shasta’s notebook.


Shasta's Notebook

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