Grave of Emo Bunny

The Location of Emo Bunny's Horrible, Dismembering, and Torturous Death... as befitting an Emo Bunny


The Grave of Emo Bunny lies beneath an old pine tree. It appears to be a hastily made igloo in the frozen tundra of near Timber. It is built over what is left of his gutted, rotting corpse, tortured by Shepherds for information regarding the Chance. The blood marking the site will stain until the next fresh snowfall. That is of course is wild animals don’t desecrate the site by scavenging the remains. Carved into the tree are personal messages regarding Emo Bunny.

He was a depressed, irritating, little crybaby, but he deserved better than what he got. - Sim


Emo Bunny’s tragic death of torture by live gutting came about through an appropriately sad turn of events. He lived as a slave on the home island of the elves. And, despite being rescued, it was not as though he had any family to speak of or true friends to comfort him. And now he was faced with finding a path in a world that did not look kindly upon him without any real skills or tools of use. And he certainly wasn’t a pleasant social companion, what with the snot bubbles constantly burbling from his nostrils and the waterfall of tears leaving ugly lines of running mascara down his furry cheeks.

And so, even transplanted to a new home in what would have been a joyful escape for most, he was full of anxiety and depression and sure he would not fit in. And, thanks to the weirdly black painted nails, the increasingly negative statements and the penchant for scribbling bad, angst-ridden poetry, he certainly did not fit in. In his new home he found himself relegated to the shadows. For most emo bunnies, this too might have been fortune in happenstance. But ironically, and annoyingly, Emo Bunny was afraid of the dark. In fact, he was afraid of everything. It’s a shock he wasn’t constantly walking around with his trousers striped with urine.

His end would be as tragic as his existence, unfolding like an episode of Happy Tree Friends. When the Shepherds attacked the wildling settlement, they captured Emo Bunny and dragged him to the woods. They hung him from a tree and tortured him for information about the ship full of wildlings building a reputation among the skies. Emo Bunny was so busy squealing and crying the Shepherds had a hard time getting any information out of him. That was when they began to gut him alive. While he looked on, they fed non-essential parts of him to their feral hawks. He’d pass out from the shock and pain after just moments of this torture and bleed out before long. His captors then took care in cleaning him to make sure their hawks were fed well, then they strung him up as a warning to his comrades and any who would find him.

Sim and Soraka would cut him down and bury him as best they could while in pursuit of his killers. But even Emo Bunny’s grave was tragic. The ground was too hard to dig up and they didn’t have a shovel, so they were forced to make an igloo. Unfortunately, Sim was not practiced at building an igloo. So it ended up looking more like an unruly pile of snow with a bloody ear sticking out of one end and folded over the top in an emo kind of way. They quickly scribbled in some words then chased after the Shepherds.

Shepherds, however, are armed to the teeth an accompanied by feral familiars and are too strong to be assailed by the likes of Sim and Soraka when unsupported. The inevitable battle ended in a kind of draw with both parties retreating heavily wounded to fight another day. But now the Shepherds know who they are looking for….

Grave of Emo Bunny

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