King Bernhart Bloodaxe

The young king of the dwarves.


Young, confident king of the dwarves. He has deep brown hair, cut short in a contemporary style of his people. He also wears a very well manicured handle bar moustache. His clothing of choice are well worn sailing leathers.


Bernhart Bloodaxe took the throne when he was only 11 years old after his father died in his bed under mysterious circumstances. Since than Bloodaxe has proved himself as a capable king and is loves by his people.

Bernhart is very loyal to his advisors who he attributes much of his success as king.

He wears a puzzled grin and bows frequently. His is a renowned diplomat and treats women genteelly.

If he is asked a personal matter, he offers immediate assistance. If it is a matter of his kingdom, he turns the matter over to his advisors.

King Bernhart Bloodaxe

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