Sundered Skies

The Legend of Trollbattler

Kinslayer will receive no quarter.

Captain’s Log: Sky-date 13.7.301 AF

We are well provisioned, well armed, and well trained. Morale is high, motivation is keen. I have every confidence this mission to eliminate Kinslayer will be a success. I don’t know what drove that Damned traitor to prey on his own people, but I will tolerate it no longer. My only misgiving is this ship of scavenging tag-alongs we have. Realistically, they are just a liability. But I will not sacrifice men or resources to supply or rescue them. At best, they may prove of some use as a distraction and an added pair of guns in the coming battle with Stonesplitter. At worst, perhaps they can carry the message of what transpired here back to our people. It is unlikely Kinslayer will waste any time on them.

I hear a call from above. It seems I shall find out the mettle of our company sooner than I suspected. Kinslayer has come.

Captain Trollbattler

(7.13.301 AF stands for the 13th day of the 7th month 301 years after the War of Fools. We haven’t concocted a method of dating so I used this as a default. The War of Fools was the most recent major event I could find by which time might be defined.)

The following entry is a excerpt from the log of Durg Widehammer, captain of the Rock Jockey, the second ship of the Kinslayer Task Force

By the Factory that Trollbattler can fight! His family has carried a long and honored history and I’ve known his reputation for a stone’s throw, but seeing him sail and sharing the sky with him, well, it’s a damned fine thing! We engaged the Stonepslitter earlier today. Trollbattler charged straight at him and raked his side with a shot without ever exposing himself. The cannon shot left a hole amidship. He climbed straight up the void in a kind of twisting arc I wouldn’t have dared attempt! The Stonesplitter tried to pursue but couldn’t make the incline and came after me instead. Before Kinslayer had a chance to rally his vessel, Trollbattler sailed over the top of him, rotating his ship so that even I could see his whole deck. The men must have been secured at their stations to maintain steady aim at that angle. But he had a full broadside aimed straight down at the decks of the Stonesplitter. Then the glorious blast of gunfire brought four heavy cannons bursting down through the exposed deck of the enemy ship. The powder magazine exploded and nearly blew the ship apart! It was a glorious victory without Kinslayer harming a single dwarf! Songs will be sung about this day for ages to come! And I think I shall encourage Trollbattler to name that maneuver of his after the enemy it slew, the Stone Splitter.

(I took liberty with the names here)



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