Sundered Skies

Soraka's Log

Things started out well enough. We got the idea of talking to the dwarfs about one of the artifacts, since one of the artifacts was a hammer of the damned dwarf, so dwarfs would be the ones who knew about it. We went into the artificer’s church, but it wasn’t really a church. Not like the one the life mother has at least. We learned that Tomlen isn’t religious. That doesn’t make sense to me. If you can meet the gods, if you’re really lucky at least, when why wouldn’t you believe in their powers? I wouldn’t be able to do much without the life mother. We talked to this really old dwarf and he told us about them trying to solve the low birth defects of their kind. They tried to summon a great hero, but that didn’t go well and it went all evil and that’s bad. We also learned that people were going after the damned dwarf to stop him from killing other dwarfs. They must have really messed up the spell to summon something that killed dwarfs instead of helping them. After that we went to see the artificer. It’s so cool you can just go down and see him like that. I hope I can meet the life mother sometime. Anyway, we went to ask it a question. Sim messed up his question so I asked what his question was and asked it for him. It would be cool if we could figure out how to make wilidings fertile. How would some of that work though? If I had a kid with like a deer or monkey wilidings what would happen? Part bird part deer or something? I don’t know but it still might be nice to be fertile. Tomlen asked about one of the artifacts we were looking for and it’s in the fleshforge. I don’t want to go near that. Not with all of the elves and everything like that. It sounds so scary. I don’t want to go at all. We don’t need to worry about that too much right now though. We saw some ships getting ready for some military thing and, thanks to Sim getting drunk with the sailors; we learned they were going to go after the damned dwarf. That‘s the same thing we’re going to do. So Tomlen got the captain to go along with letting us come with. Isn’t that awesome? So we went with them. We found the ship after not too long, there were screaming heads on it! We then go into a big naval battle. One of the other ships got the perfect hit. The other ship look so much damage that it looked like most of the crew died. Then we boarded it so we can get that hammer and an epic fight ensued. We had to fight all kinds of evil things, and we almost all died! We managed to win at the end, and now we need to get that hammer. We can also see what else is on the ship, but we got the hammer so that’s awesome.



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