Sundered Skies

Mission Improbable

"Bet you never thought we'd actually pull it off!"

Day of Leaving: We finally got off Bridgeways and they didn’t even kick us out! That was pretty lucky considering all the trouble we got ourselves into. The others are blaming me for it, but I don’t get it. I wasn’t the only gambling! And I sure wasn’t the one who broke that woman’s leg in half. It wasn’t my fault we got in jail, but it sure was because of me we only had to spend three days collecting food for the island! They are all acting like I’m a burden as we pull away, so fine, I won’t share my new jokes with them.

A few hours into the journey: I couldn’t help telling these jokes! They make my sides hurt! And with everyone chuckling, they don’t seem so mad at me anymore. I think this joke book is going to come in handy!

A week later: We’re headed up to canopy with a cargo hold full of scrolls and books we purchased from the great library on Bridgeways. I’m excited to see Roe’s new home!

A few weeks later: Roe’s new home has wolves on it. They aren’t nice. They tried to eat us. It’s no wonder she didn’t want to stay there! Soraka hid because she was so afraid. I saved the day, as usual. I don’t know what these guys would do without me! It turns out when a wolf gets electrocuted, it boils from the inside out! It’s really gross! I’m going to write about it! There is this weird gurgle as its limbs start to jerk and make it fall over. Then it shakes and a soft sizzling noise starts just before the eyeball pops out of its head! And the smell is so bad you want to plug your nose! It’s worse that when Shasta comes out of the latrine after eating blood grubs!

But we were able to skin a couple wolves and I have a new hat! I’m adding the pelt to the trophies on our ship too! We dropped off the scared little rabbit wildling who’s name I don’t care to remember. Everywhere he went was wet. Either tears or little trails of pee from being scared all the time. It was icky! He tracked it through my lab! I’m glad he’s gone. Now there is more room to run tests on Roe!

We picked up a load of lumber on our way to the Lower Reach. I won’t miss canopy. The trees and building built right into them were pretty cool, but it wasn’t a very welcoming place.



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