Sundered Skies

Getting in Deep

"What lies beneath the surface?"

We reached the port at Deepsky Citadel intact with the hope of alerting the local authorities about the flaming demon ship we found in the Lower Reaches. Along the way, though, we discovered we needed a little help. Our graze with the fire ship made us all realize we were not the capable sailors we hoped we were. We had little success damaging the ship and there is still much I have to learn about airships.

I don’t know why first impressions go so badly for us. When we met the dwarf at the harbormaster’s office, I only meant to ingratiate ourselves into the local populace. I mean, after all the time I spent observing and interacting with dwarves at Pinecrest, I thought I had gained a fine understanding of their sense of camraderie. I was very very wrong as it turns out. And that harbor official was about as much fun as sanding a skyler’s butt. I only asked if he wanted to gamble with me spitting skyler eyes and he said I belonged in an elven prison camp! Well I felt justified breaking his nose, let me tell you! He got a fine good wallop. Giving the bad guys what they deserve, that’s what I’m about! Well that and a lot of things. I don’t like to pigeonhole myself. I mean, I have a lot to offer.

I didn’t stick around for it, but I guess Soraka patched things up with the official and got direction to a local bar where we could get something to eat and drink before heading to the admiralty office inside the Deepsky Citadel. I thought maybe the conflict with the offical at the office was a fluke and I was still all worked up to learn about dwarven gambling. Plus so far I’d been pretty good at it. I hit that door right on open and challenged the first person I saw to a game of eyeball spittin’ but it turns out at Deepsky, they bet on basilisks instead. Rotten little creatures if I do say so! Needless to say, one basilisk turned to stone and the other didn’t. Soraka thought it was just “so sad” like she always does when something small gets picked on. You know, I still think it’s weird she doesn’t say that sort of thing when somebody picks on me!

I told her to try healing the lizard and she gave it a shot. I covered it’s eyes because I didn’t want to get turned to stone if it worked. Instead, when she healed it, the dirty little thing bit me! I stormed off to the bar and when Soraka joined me we asked about folks looking for work who were good with a sky ship and had a fair good eye. The bartender directed us to a Dwarf musketeer named Gogol. He was a bit of a secretive type, but he seemed fine enough though we should still give him a test or two. He stuck around with us through a couple meals. I think he must be pretty hard up for cash, he wouldn’t even treat us to a drink. But he did try and look out for me when I was getting in trouble with the citadel guards.

Soraka had apparently got a note of passage into the citadel that specifically did not include me. I just wanted to see inside, I don’t get what the big deal was! But no matter what I did to try and convince them or even sneak past them, they just wouldn’t let me in to see what kinds of interesting artifact the dwarves had placed in their home. Not even a guided tour! To make matters worse, Soraka couldn’t even get the admiral inside to commit any forces without proof of the flaming demons! Like we’d lie about that! Who lies about being attacked by a burning devil ship full of fire creatures!?

So other than a new crewman who’s name is a little tricky to say, we came up pretty empty handed! So I guess we have to find some proof of the fire creatures, then see if we can find Bert, then try to find out more about the artifacts mentioned by the amulet.

Oh! One more thing about our new crewmate… I’m pretty sure he’s completely out of his mind _
I mentioned that an amulet of Lightbringer spoke to us and he claimed that he had used some special device to look into the glow and saw that it was full of tiny creatures! He thinks they make the glow! What a crazy idea! I mean sure, talking amulets might sound weird, but we know that the voice came straight from one of the gods himself, not some mythical tiny creatures. But I guess considering all that, he’ll probably fit in just right around here!


I’m upset that I missed so much and have to miss one more but its very cool that you’ve posted these recaps from Sim’s perspective. Shasta be able to jump right back in after his addiction rehab and recovering from food-poisoning from his OD on day-old bloodgrubs.

Getting in Deep

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