Sundered Skies

A Shocking Revelation

You know when people talk about those moments right before they die? They’ll say all sorts of things that sound crazy or spout off the same old generic phrases. I have always hoped that when I die I could experience some moment of the Artificer’s divine clarity. I imagined it would feel warm like a blanket from a good memory, like that one Tort gave me back on Cedarvale the night before they turned him inside out with the heat dispersion gun. I hope Tort’s with the Artificer. And I hope he got a really nice blanket to keep him warm at night.

Our last adventure turned out to be as frightening as the times I spent locked in the water cells. I nearly met the Artificer. It was a reckless mistake, even for me. I just didn’t think it through. I knew that rotten golem would reflect my electro-zaps back at me, but it just didn’t pop out in my head until I was sitting on top of him, paralyzed while my teeth chattered and limbs twitched.

People say they see a bright light when they die. And maybe it’s just the glow, but in my case, it was definitely lightning. And I definitely saw it. Lots of it. For a few seconds I actually saw nothing else. I really thought I was going to die. I haven’t though that in a long time. Okay, well there was that time when we fought the flesh demon… and that time Luckfinder turned into an ogre… and that time we got thrown into prison… and that time Roe sent me flying over to the burned out ship and nearly dropped me. Okay so maybe it seems like we’re going to die a lot. But this time was different. For a second I really thought I was. And when it was all over, all I wanted to do was crawl to a place to lay down. But there is always so much to do in situations like that. Thankfully I got to rest on the way back to Deepsky Citadel. I wish I would’ve had Tort’s blanket then.

So, next time I’m up against a big nasty golem who can reflect the energy from my gadgets, I’m not going to take a fool’s way out because it’s easier and blast it with my Zap-O-Matic. I’ll try something different. Oh and just for the record, this is a note to myself to learn how to make on of those golems. I was really disappointed there was nothing left of it to piece together after it exploded. Just think of what we could do with something like that on our ship!

One good thing about the way we just rushed in to attack the bad guys was that the dwarves sure seemed to appreciate it. They are a pretty honorable and straight-forward type bunch. I like them. And they know their tech. I think I might try to grow a beard. Maybe they’d make me an honorary dwarf if I could braid it.

Speaking of beards, the Dwarf king had a heckuva moustache! They said he was really young but it still went down to mid chest! He seemed pretty impressed with my medals too! I had to craft them with Roe. I mean, we’ve done a lot of stuff, it’s only right we show it off at formal events! Because we gave that ancestor dwarf a good fight at the end and set him free, the king gave us dirt from Mount Ore. Nobody gets dirt from Mount Ore. I’m really excited to get to go there. But there are a few things we need to take care of first.

I better get back to those things. This ships isn’t going to maintain itself. We’re off to Canopy again then on to the Shattered City.



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