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The definition of a wiki is

A website developed collaboratively by a community of users, allowing any user to add and edit content.

The more everyone participates in the creation of this wiki, the more useful for everyone it will become. Hopefully, the following information will help you to quickly and easily create new wiki pages, characters and items.

Creating New Characters

Anyone in the campaign can create a NPC. The process is almost the same as creating your PC.

  1. Click on the Character tab
  2. Click on “Create a New Character”
    1. Dynamic Sheet: Leave the “Dynamic Sheet” field blank. A Dynamic Sheet is basically an online character sheet and most NPCs don’t need a fully fleshed out character sheet.
    2. Name: Name the NPC. Feel free to ask me if you want some help with naming conventions.
    3. Slug/Wiki Link: Leave this blank. Obsidian Portal will automatically use the name of the NPC as the link.
    4. Player Character?: Leave this box unchecked otherwise Obsidian Portal will add it to the Player Character list instead of the Non-Player Character list.
    5. Quick Description: Give a few words about the NPC. Examples include: occupation, race, title, or home island.
    6. Description (crunch): Give the NPC any physical descriptions in this section. Questions to ask yourself are:
      1. What is the race of the NPC?
      2. What is their eye, hair, skin, etc color?
      3. Do they have a distinct way of talking?
      4. Do they have any distinctive mannerisms?
    7. Biography (fluff): If this is a GM created NPC from the game, give some background that you learned and your character’s thoughts about the NPC. If this is a NPC from your background give any important information about your backstory together. Are you family? Friends? Enemies?

Don’t over-think creating a new NPC. If it is someone you think is important to the campaign or to your character’s backstory than they are worth having a character profile of, even if it is just a name and a few short words. We can also flesh out the NPC later if necessary.

Creating New Wiki Pages

  1. Click on the Wiki tab
  2. Pick which of the three overarching sections your wiki page will live under: History, Rules, or The Skies.
    • History contains Adventure Log posts, rumors, and story notes. This is a good place to keep session notes to refer to later.
    • Rules includes general Savage World rules that we always have to flip back to during game, house rules for our campaign or system specific rules for Sundered Skies.
    • The Skies has information about physical locations in the Sundered Skies that you want to remember. It might be a few sentences about a ruin that you want to return to or it might be a couple of paragraphs about a major island and how it’s people live. The Skies is also where any information about cults, factions or nations lives.

Note: I have removed the Goods and Major Players pages from the wiki in an effort to clean it up. All information regarding gods, kings, cultists, rivals, allies, and monsters should live on the Character tab. If there are rumors that involve them, add the wiki slug to the rumor in your Adventure Log post or in the rumor wiki page under History. All Goods information has been moved to the Items tab.

Creating Items

An item is created in the same manner as an NPC.

  1. Click on the Items tab.
  2. Click on “Create a New Item”.
    1. Name: The name of the item. This can be mundane like “Flint & Steel” or exotic like “Armor of Orcbane”.
    2. Slug/Wiki Link: Leave this blank. Obsidian Portal will fill this automatically using the name you gave the item.
    3. Category: You can fill this in if you like. It will display the category of the item in the item page. Otherwise it doesn’t serve much of a function.
    4. Quick Description: Give a few words about the item. For example, a good quick description for a +10 Sword of Awesomeness you might give it a Quick Description like: A sword. That is awesome.
    5. Description (crunch): Any information about what the item looks like lives in description. You can also add any in-game statistics that you are applicable.
    6. Backstory (fluff): How you found the object, it’s history or anything that isn’t a description would live in the backstory section.

Creating Adventure Logs

Anyone who creates an Adventure Log will start with an extra Bennie next session. For every three Adventure Logs a PC creates I will give them one free experience point. Adventure Logs don’t have to be a synopsis of the previous session. They can be anything related to the story and can be as a paragraph.

Possible Adventure Log Examples:

  • Reactions to NPCs, locations or items
  • The thought process about why a PC did what he or she did
  • A synopsis of the previous session
  • Narration of a fight sequence
  • Narration of a great bit of roleplaying
  • Honestly, just about anything that you thought about a session, scene or event that you want to share

Sundered Skies

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